A Faith-filled Journey

Purpose.  Presence.  Grace.  Transformation.
Space to breathe.  Possibilities.  Being.  Growing.

Hello and welcome to this space and community;
nurturing and coaching for women and young girls to

Hi there lovely.

I’m Monica.

You are here!

You have a desire; a fire in your soul, to serve, to learn, to be empowered and to grow.

And I want to help you step into that space BOLDLY, FULL OF FAITH.

But first, let me tell you a bit about myself.

I am a writer, a life coach, a speaker and a Jesus loving wife and mum. My passion is to support and coach women and young girls to see and know their identity, and to step out into their calling, to fulfil all that God has desired for their lives; to live their best brave life.

I believe in the power of God sized dreams + God sized faith + God sized boldness + faith in action to propel us into what He has created us to do and be.

I believe in YOU. I believe that you are here for such a time as this.

I believe you have a purpose and a calling

I believe you are uniquely and wonderfully made, to do all that you have been created for.

I believe in uplifting, encouraging, empowering you and the next generation of young girls to step out boldly into their calling, to know their true and unshakeable identity, and above all to know and honour the Father they serve.

Your Journey Begins Here



Stories. Journeys. Experiences.
To Learn. To Grow.
To Heal.


SHIFT your life.
Discover areas  you want to change

Her Brave Life

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Grace & Rest; Affirmation and Prayer Card Set

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Monica xx

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