Hello ladies, I’m so thrilled to have you here!

So here’s more about me.

I’m a wife and mum to two little girls. I am am medical dr, life coach and a writer.

I am a certified Life Coach through the Life Breakthrough Academy and also a coach for young girls through workshops called the GIRLIFE Empowerment .

Now that that’s out of the way, let me let you into my life.

I wasn’t always a believer. In fact I didn’t really believe in a God; and that was until I experienced His love, grace and mercy on my life.

I was a young 20 something girl, lost in this big bad world. And when I didn’t know which path to go down, He saved me. This was in 2008.  And everyday since, I have seen His hands over my life.

I now live with a chronic illness, type 1 diabetes; it is gruelling, but life threw me this curve ball. And now I take it to His feet, daily.

I suffered 5 pregnancy losses, and that experience of pain is like none other. And you will read more about my journey on the blog. But if you are reading this, and wondering how I went through them? His loving arms, would be my easiest description.

With this, I want to invite you into my writing and my coaching space.

I am passionate to see women grow and access His grace; and to live abundantly as He has desired for our lives. I want to share enough, and listen more, so that I can help you nurture your lives; and get out of that ‘end’  you might feel like you’re in.

An ‘end’ is simply the start of a new beginning. – Monica D.

Most days, I am hanging out on Instagram or Facebook. There is always space for you! So come say hello.

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Till we are able to share a chat in real life, I welcome you to stay and connect here at About Her.

Love, Monica

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