Happy New Year friends! Just like that, the clock struck 12, and we’re all feeling slightly hopeful; hopeful that this year will be better than the last.

New Years can be a funny one. It can bring with it all the emotions. The hope of the new, but also the sadness of the past failures.

Luckily we don’t turn into pumpkins! But jokes aside, I have a confession to make. I use to be one of those that would set these BIG and amazing goals. I usually do this in December the year before, and those goals sit in my head. Somewhere in between those big goals, are self reflections, and mixed in there somewhere is self doubt.

But the last two years, I’ve made changes, and actually seen better results. I still make goals, but firstly they are better planned, written down, broken into bitesize chewable bits. And I’ll be sharing more on that in the coming few weeks.

But here’s what’s changed! I don’t use my goals to move me forward. They motivate me. But what helps me stay focused is this, and I’m sure you’ve heard it around social media.


So two years ago, I remember coming across this thing called word of the year, and thought that was all a bit strange. But hear me out. As strange a concept as it is, it can truly have a positive impact on your year.

I’m not rigid with it being ONE WORD. And you don’t have to be. But you do want to keep it sharp and focused.

So what’s the fuss with the ONE WORD of the YEAR?

It simply is a word, a few words or a sentence/scripture that keeps you focused, and can bring you back into focus, especially when the year is turning out to be different to what you had planned or anticipated it to be.

How do you come to choose this WORD or WORDS?

Firstly, I’m going to just throw it out here.

Don’t overthink it! Just don’t. It really shouldn’t be complicated.

For me personally, this word usually comes to me in prayer.

In prayer and self reflection, I ask God to reveal to me what He wants to do in and through me in the year coming up. I usually sit with this for a while, and allow the Holy Spirit to give me peace about it.

I don’t overthink it. As I said before, I’m not rigid that way, and this should only be a tool to bring me back to focus rather than be something I completely rely on to shape my year.

I have used this for the last two years, and have seen God bring to mind these words, when I am feeling weary, deflated or loosing motivation.

So this year, after much prayer and sitting in quiet with Him, my word is SHIFT.

And I’ll tell you a little story. Slightly more than six months ago, as I was designing my coaching packages, I was asking Him to help me put together information and was wondering what I should call it. Sometime between midnight and six am on day, I get this word SHIFT. Not only that, He gives me more than just a word. He gives me what SHIFT means.

SHIFT = Seek Him In Faith and Transformation.

And that my friends, is how I named my coaching package, and how my WORD OF THE YEAR 2020 has come to be.

This year, I am believing in making a SHIFT; in my mindset, in my identity, in my gifts and talents, in the way I serve. It also means, I must trust Him to move me between here and there. It means, I have to step out in faith, and allow Him to use me to move and to help other women and young girls move from a life of less than to a life of more than!

*If you are looking for a way to move into something new, something big, or just want to have someone hold your hand through a life changing situation, please get in touch. You can read more about my SHIFT coaching here, or book a 30 minute complimentary chat here, to see if we are a good fit.

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Till next time,