Dear girl

If only you knew

How BRAVE you are 

How KIND you are

How HELPFUL you are

How CARING you are

How GIFTED you are

If you knew all of this, the world would be a better place for ALL THAT YOU ARE.


Monica Rajasagaram

Her Brave Life Workshops

Her Brave Life workshops are a safe space created for young girls aged 7-11 years old. In these workshops, we explore, discuss, work through many different life skills in a fun, engaging and interactive way. Some of the topics explored are self confidence, healthy body image, creating healthy boundries and friendships, self belief, life of gratitude and kindness. Her Brave Life workshops are run to help equip our tween girls with tools and life skills to empower her to live HER best BRAVE LIFE.

Our upcoming workshop details are:    SOLD OUT

Topics: Confidence, Healthy Body Image and Building Healthy Friendships

Date: 30th September 2019

Time: 1.30 – 4.30pm

Venue: Inchmeal Cafe and Workshop Space, Notting Hill, Melbourne

Price: $45 pp (OR $40pp for two or more)

#Bookings are essential. Spots are limited to ensure a comfortable working size group and to allow each girl attending a safe space to share and be empowered.

To book, head to link below, and let me know you want a spot!


Can I book Monica to speak at a tween girls event/workshop?

You sure can! Monica has run workshops for tween girls for almost two years, and is absolutely passionate about empowering and sharing life skills and tools with young girls. She is a mum of two young girls herself, and understands the pressure and expecatations placed on our young girls today. Want to know more?


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Monica xx