2020! I remember only a few weeks ago at a business networking event speaking about creating the best year yet. And that came sooner than I anticipated. I knew it was coming, and I prepared for it. I got myself organised before I traveled, and put some systems in place for this year as I plan for bigger and more effective ways to serve my people.

So here we are almost four weeks in, and I am feeling good. We just got back from our travels and I feel at peace with where I am at, in life and in business. It is not perfect, but I know I have come a long way.

Want to know why?

It is not the turn of the year that has me in this place. (although I must admit a the move into a new year always gets us feeling a little more pumped!)

It is not because I have put more money into areas of my life that could do with some added investment.

But this.

It is because I made a choice to let go of something that I believe has been holding me back!


I made a choice to let go of everything being perfect.

The need to be perfect in what I do, to have a perfect explanation of why I do what I do, the need to be a perfect wife and mum, a perfect friend, colleague.

This year, I decided to SHIFT from a place of ‘perfectionism’ to a place of ‘progress’. (Want to know about this word SHIFT? Read about this here – it is my word of the year!)

This year I am choosing to go on a journey of building my life and business with this in mind, PROGRESS OVER PERFECTINISM.

I have tried the whole being perfect thing, and it’s got me nowhere. In fact it kept me in a place of inaction. All those BIG dreams were in my head, but dreams without action means nothing. It means we do nothing, we move nowhere, and we achieve nothing.

Nothing good comes out of a place of inaction. And inaction is usually the result of us wanting things to be perfect, to go in a certain way.

We might be aiming for a perfect flow, perfect team, perfect product, perfect timing and perfect outcome.

But can I just help you by saying this friend? There is no such thing as being perfect.

So, as you start gearing up for this turn of a new year, and while those big dreams are swimming in your heads, do yourself a favour, and let go of the idea of things being perfect.

Pray on it.

Plan it.

Get yourself into action.

Trust the ONE who has given you those big dreams.

Be willing to learn from the process, let go of ‘perfect’ and trust Him in giving you the guidance and wisdom as you keep taking action.

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In the meantime, think on this scripture.

Philippians 1:6

‘I pray with great faith for you, because I’m fully convinced that the One who began this glorious work in you will faithfully continue the process of maturing you and will put his finishing touches to it until the unveiling of our Lord Jesus Christ!’

Isn’t that just amazing? To be able to trust Him to complete in us what He has began? It sure it. Take that pressure off having to be perfect and let Him complete the works.

But…progress! Progress friends!

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Stay blessed friend,