Few weeks ago I strolled through my local shops, coffee in hand, with laptop in tow, and a client to meet. The morning was beautiful with the sun shining through, and the day looked like it was going to be a lovely one. An hour later, I walked out of a meeting with a client, feeling fulfilled with our session together. Only two coaching sessions in, and I was already seeing great progress. She has come a long way in the short space of time, and I just couldn’t hold myself back from wondering how beautiful her transformation journey was going to look.

That was on a Tuesday.

Within a few short days, new rules and regulations came into place with all that was going on around the world. I found myself home with kids, only to venture out to our front yard and out for a walk. Whilst we all wanted life to go on as usual, there was no way we could dismiss the escalating pandemic situation around us.

Our lives were taking a different turn, life as we know it was quickly changing and we had no option but to adapt to it.


 Change can happen gradually or abruptly. Gradual change give us time to prepare, time to shift and adapt. Abrupt changes has a potential to throw us out of sync requiring more effort to resume again.

Although, I was seeing this pandemic play out on our tv screens in other countries, I didn’t think we would be in that position of being told we couldn’t leave our homes for a period of time. And like many of you, as a family had to adjust and adapt to the situation within a couple of days.

Being a life coach and already working from home, one might think that would have been easy? The reality is when the whole family is at home every day, and with two young kids, there was some adjustments to be made. Speaking to a few friends, some being mums, what I found to have come up most is that suddenly our worlds as working mums have been thrown into chaos because now we are doing three jobs in the day. Working, being mum and an educator. And that is a lot to carry moving forward.

In the week following all the changes, I sat to reflect on this season we’re in. I asked myself a few questions.

What are my expectations for this season?

What are my priorities for this season?

What did I want to achieve in this season?

What changes did I have to make to move forward through this season?

If I am true to myself and to you, I found these questions uncomfortable, because I very quickly realised that my answers to these were driven by what the world expected of me, and what the world was advocating for. It was coming from a place of fear and uncertainty.

season of change

What if we chose to see this season as a gift?

 What if this season was meant to be a gift? What if this season was meant to teach us lessons we might not learn otherwise? What if this time was meant to teach us to trust His plans for us?

As time goes on, as a busy family, we have found this time to be invaluable. We are no longer rushing to get to the next activity, or the next party. There is more time for meals together, time to share and laugh together.

Change will look different.

 As a writer and a life coach building my business, I have found it hard to have quiet moments for work. But I have also had to trust in Gods plans to work it out for me. Whilst I would love to have a stretch of time in my home office doing work, I now have kids playing on the carpet behind me, asking me questions. And yes, that can be distracting, but I have also come to realise that it is important for my kids to watch me work in this environment. My older girl was thrilled when I got her involved in a brainstorming activity with me. And maybe that is what is intended for this time we are in, for families to grow alongside one another. Change can still take place, growth can still happen, only that it looks a little different now.

What if this sudden interruption in our normal is Gods opportunity to work in and through us?

How can we get through this season of uncertainty? How can we see this season as a GOD opportunity?

Here are some ways..

1. See this season as a gift of time

We all have the same twenty four hours in a day. But ever caught yourself saying, ‘ I don’t have the time?’ I sure have used that excuse. Well now there is really no excuse. There is plenty of it, and we need to be good stewards of our time. This gift of time is now presented to us, and we must not take this gift lightly. Prioritising what we want most in this season will help us use this time wisely; whether it is creating something new like a new business idea, or writing a book. Maybe it’s starting on a new project you never had time to work on, or finishing a project you abandoned long time ago. Maybe it is getting back into spending time in His word, being consistent with your bible reading or journaling. The list might be endless if you started one. But prioritise a few things and use this time to get moving. This is a gift you will never get back, so grab hold of it and use it faithfully.

2. Trust Him and His plans for your life

Many of us might have felt the rug pulled out under our feet suddenly with the recent changes. You might have been in the middle of a big work project or launch, you might have been in what seemed like an amazing opportunity in life, when all of a sudden it all came to a screeching stop. However, in this time, we have to try and see His bigger plan for all of this. In this season, we have to learn to trust that He has a bigger plan for our lives, and this is part of it. And when we trust Him with our lives and our plans, we must believe that all things will work out for good. I have had to fully trust Him in my business, with all that has been changing, I have to believe that while I see this as an interruption to the way I can serve in my business, He sees it as a detour for me to work new ways out to serve my clients. When we say, ‘Lord, I trust you even in these uncertain times’ it takes the burden off our shoulders and shifts it onto the shoulder of the One whom we know can carry it for us.

3. Revisit the idea of our identity

The word revisit means to come back to again. Why? When things are going well, it is easy for us to be confident in who we are. But in uncertain times, insecurities can creep in. The world can quickly change the way you see yourself and your success. In this spinning world, busy is an indicator of success. Success and indicator of your worth and independence a marker of your capabilities.

But this season is teaching us who we are and whose we are. You and I are not immune to the uncertainty we are living in, but you and I can be certain that what we do, and what we achieve does not dictate who we are and our value. Our value and identity is in Christ and that we can be certain of even in these uncertain times.

In this season, let us pause to see His guiding hands and His covering. Let us see this season as a growing opportunity both in our walk with Christ and in our daily lives. Let us see this as a rich opportunity to share love and hope with our loved ones, and our community. I also created a FREE ebook for you, CLOSE THE DOOR TO FEAR, to help you speak life over your changing season and to claim Gods promises over your life. DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE COPY HERE.

What is this season showing you? Hit reply and let me know friend. Because you and I are both learning…

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