What are her areas of expertise?

Monica is passionate about uplifting, empowering and encouraging women and young girls to live their best life. Some topics that she loves sharing about are:

1. Motherhood; the growth, the learnings, and how God can use this season for His good 

2. Different seasons in life and how each season serves a different purpose

3. Slowing down, living intentionally; why it’s important and how is it honouring God 

4. The journey of infertility as a believer; what we don’t talk about enough

5. The myth of ‘we can do it all’

6. The intersection of life, vocation and faith; how we can honour our calling

7. Leaving fear in Gods hands; in motherhood, in life, in business

8. Stepping away from the noise of this world; how, why and what it does for us women

9. Fear to Freedom; embracing and living a life on purpose

10. Motherhood; living a life of less overwhelm

11. Tween girls and growing up; the issues we face in todays society; identity, confidence, positive body image, creating healthy friendships

Monica has spoken at workshops and at MOPS; sharing her testimony and encouraging her audience with practical tools and life skills they can take into their daily living. She will also be at the Kingdom Womens Entrepreneur Conference as a guest panelist speaker in February 2020. 

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