So it’s almost the end of January, and the hype of welcoming the new year is well behind us. If you were able to take some time off work (and I sure do hope you did…at least a few days!), am sure you’re not slowly getting yourself back into the groove of things. Maybe you’re back at the office job, or making your way back to your home office. Whichever it is you’re doing, let me ask you this. How is the year starting off for you?

Are you sure pumped this year is going to be your best yet?

Are you dreaming BIG things and any to get things going?


Are you wondering, OK now what?

OK hang on friend… I am not here to tell you one is better than the other. If you already have things goings, of course that is AMAZING. But if you havent got your year planned out and things thoughts out, IT IS OK! IT IS OK! IT IS OK!

I hope you heard me loud and clear 🙂

Because it is not the end of the world. I know at the end of 2019, we were all already thinking of the new decade. Social media was filled with goal setting post, dream big post and ‘You can do this!’ kind of post.

But can I tell you, that you are here NOW, and NOW is your time to do just that. Don’t stress what you didn’t do. NOW is the time to do that.

OK, so how do you get going for the year?

Some like to call it goal setting, others vision casting. Whichever way you like to look at it, it simply means having plans set in place, so you are focusing on a few things, and have a clear idea of what it takes to get there, and are able to keep yourself motivated and accountable through the year! (because lets face it – if you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail!)

How do you get your year going? for the ease of us being on the same page, we will call this goal setting.

  1. Sit with God and your journal 

Being still with God is so important and is something I don’t want you to skip. If you skip this, you are not trusting Him with what He already has in plans for you. So don’t.

‘See first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all else will be added onto you’ – Key word here is SEEK FIRST!

Sit in prayer and worship Him in this time, and trust me He will put ideas and thoughts in your head; those of which you would have never dreamed off for yourself. Do this with an open heart, and allow the Holy Spirit to fill you with only what He can.

2. Do a brain dump session

Now is the time to get your journal out and allow yourself the freedom and grace to write down all that you are feeling and hearing from God. Write down your ideas, thoughts, your dreams. But also your road blocks, your limiting beliefs, and where you need God to step in for you. Don’t limit yourself to only what you feel you should do; let the God ideas and the good ideas flow.

3. Self reflect

How many of you already have a time of reflection? Or maybe as part of finishing up and closing 2019, you’ve already done this. If you have, then that is great and will help you in this part. But if you haven’t, can I just encourage you to do this. There is great power in self reflection; it allows you to see where you were, and how far you’ve come. In this exercise, it is important also to recognise the process that you have journeyed, including what worked, what didn’t, and what you have learnt from the journey.

Self examination allows us to grow in areas we see limitations, and to lean further into Gods grace to pursue the things He has purposed for us. Whether it is a personal area, in your relationships or career, there is always pace and need for reflection. And when we omit this from our journey, we are travelling with no compass in sight, and like any traveler would be able to tell you, that is simply dangerous.

“Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when all the time there is a plank in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.” Matthew 7:3-5

4. Choose 3 and Create SMART goals

Why three? Is that the magic number? The simple answer is NO. But it is simply a number that works well for the time frame. If you have ONE goal for the year, that is simply OK. The key point here is to make it as achievable as possible for yourself without overwhelming your year and yourself.

  • SMART goals?
  • S = Specific; this means writing down a very specific goal. If you want to create a life of less overwhelm and have that down as a goal? That is great. But what would make it a better goal? This. ‘To have a morning routine of prayer and journal time for 15 minutes each morning.’ When you are specific, you have more information to drive the goal forward.
  • M = Measurable; this means setting a goal that you are able to measure at the end of the set timeframe. Some goals may not be as measurable, however the outcome can still indicate achievement. Sticking to the previous goal above, being measurable can be the fact that you are able to reflect at three monthly intervals, your feeling of overwhelm and if that morning routine has helped you rid that feeling.
  • A = Attainable; is your goal attainable for this season in life? Is it costing you a specific lifestyle or relationship? Be realistic in this area to ensure your goals are achievable.
  • R = Relevant; having a goal should be relevant to your area of growth and an area that you want to see progress in.
  • T = Timely; this simply means having a dead line for the goal. When you leave it open ended, it is less likely you would be pressing in to achieve the set goal. Have an end date and work towards it.

5. Write it down

Don’t keep it in your head! Please.

We all forget, what you thought of while doing this exercise will be gone out of your memory bank if you don’t wrist it down. And you don’t want to loose all those BIG dreams that God has spoken into your heart. Keep a notebook close by, or put it in your phone or other electronic device. But keep a record so you have it available to refer back to,

6. Create a visual board

Now comes the fun part! And if you don’t enjoy creating a vision board, may I ask if you have done one before? And if you haven’t, then why not have a try?

It is simple. and mostly FUN! How do you create one?

A vision board is simply a collection of images and words that you have set yourself to envision and achieve. There is no hard and fuss rules to it; it is whatever you want to make of it. Some like to do an electronic version which you can do on Pinterest. You simply create a board and name it your Vision Board and then start adding images that you feel speaks into your vision. You can make the board public or private! The choice is yours.


if you like something in hard copy, then all you need is board, something of reasonable size and lots of magazines! Cut outs, print outs, postcards, scriptures, planner art pages! The possibilities are endless!

I usually like to pray before doing this, play my favourite list of worship music and then simply start cutting and pasting. It is amazing and so freeing what God can do in and through this process if you so allow Him to. Hold nothing back, and let Him guide your heart and mind.

Remember though this vision board serves as a purpose of reminding us of where God wants us to head towards, and not to allow our hearts desires to take over. And vision boards should be a place where we come together with God and His word, to remind us of His truth, and not what we think is true. Let is serve to be a place His goodness is seen, but not be rigid that we don’t allow Him to continue to guide us in a different direction if we feel led to in the future. He is the maker and creator of our plans, and to keep this in mind, and to know that the vision board is simply a tool and not His guide in imperative to us walking with Him through our lives.

7. Let it be known

This might scare you! Maybe you were hoping to do all of this and keep it in a drawer or in your planner, and wasn’t meant for public display or knowledge. Friends, when you make your heart for Him known and where you feel led to go, what you are essentially doing is making known to others that you fully trust Him to take you on this journey. If they are in your inner circle of family and friends, they can be your biggest cheerleaders. We weren’t meant to run this race alone; with God by our side, and our loved ones on the journey, you will be covered in prayers. You will also feel accountable to putting in the work to do all that He has proposed for you. This shouldn’t be a scary process, if anything should help give you a sense of peace that you have others cheering you on, and celebrating those milestones, big or small with you.

I hope this helps give you a place to start; to move in 2020 towards all that God has called for you to do.

Share with me your biggest take or if you have any others to add, I would be so grateful to learn from you.

And if you feel this has helped you, why not share this blog post with a friend that might like to start something for herself to.

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