Hey hey friends,

So Christmas is almost here…and let me straight up tell you that this is as much a question for you, as it is a reflection for me as we head into this Christmas season. It will be a short one….but I am asking this question because I think many of us go straight into this part of the year without really asking ourselves this question.

Yes we can’t escape December, it’s just not possible…it’s part of the calendar. And so is it’s festivities.

Sadly, the expectations are also part of the month of December.

So I am here to ask you this. What do you want this Christmas?

My daughter asked me this a few days ago while I was driving her to her swimming class. We were at the traffic lights and we were talking about gifts and giving, hence the question.

Guess what happened next? Even I didn’t expect it.

I started tearing.

‘I want no gifts, darling’


She didn’t know what to say. I couldn’t see her but I could almost hear us breathing. I wasn’t sure myself why I had tears rolling down my cheeks.

I love gifts, I have a running list of things I would love to own, not all at once, but I do have a list! And often when it comes to my birthday or Christmas, you could just pick one off the list and I’ll be happy. Thrilled in fact.

So where did this answer come from?

From the heart of God.

Because to follow that few minutes of silence, I said…

‘I want all to know the love of Jesus and the hope we have from the beautiful baby born in the manger that night, under that starry sky.’

You see friends, I wasn’t born a Christian. But I came to know of Him and His love for me about ten years ago. That day that I was found, it was a special day. I clung on to that hope so tight, and still do. In fact more than ever. Life has thrown may curve balls at me, but if it wasn’t for the hope and the lifeline I found in Him, I’m not sure I would still be here.

So this Christmas, that is what I want. My heart feels heavy writing this because I know it is a deep conversation and revelation of who He is to me, and what He has done in and through me. Yet, at the same time, this fresh encounter and knowledge frees me from the worldly expectations of what this season brings. The gifts are beautiful, and I will be sure to bless my loved and dear ones with something beautiful, but it is not ALL there is to the season. It is the season to share His LOVE and His HOPE with the lost, the broken, the estranged, the hurting and the lonely.

In the stillness of the night on the 24th of December, I pray you enjoy the beauty of the day to come.

I pray you feel in your heart the love and hope of the ONE, who came to save, of the ONE who came to free us. You and me. BOTH. ALL.

What do you want this Christmas, dear one?

Beautiful woman, if you live in Melbourne Australia, and would love to connect with me, please reach out, will you?

Blessings from your friend, cheering you on!

Mon xx