Seem like a weird title for a blog post don’t you think?

But stay with me. I am sure I am not the only one scrambling for ideas on what to do next with what we are all experiencing right now.

With so many parts of the world asking to self isolate at home, and to social distance at the moment, I for one know this is the first of this kind of experience for so many of us, and hopefully will be the last! The question is, what do we do with ourselves? Clean more, scrub more? Will the world still continue to turn with us taking our hands off the wheel, so to speak?

We all have questions. But now, at this moment, I don’t think any of us humans have any answers.

Do we keep our hands busy? Do we do more?

Do we sit back and wait for this to pass?

What if it’s as simple as wash that dish ?

In the last five days, we have gone into our little caves, and with kids, the cave just seems a tricky little space at times. For an ambivert like myself, loving the company of others but also needing my space to tune out and refresh, I am certainly finding it hard to get that balance.

But what if this is the space and time we were made for?

What if this is not the time to protect our space, but to welcome others into it. (virtually of course)

What if this is not the time to be looking at the big ideas? But the little ones.

What if this isn’t the time to be looking outside for help, but finding that within your people.

What if this isn’t the time for external validation, but a time for internal reflection.

What if this wasn’t the time to start something new, but a time to finish what was abandoned.

What if this is the time He has given us to see His hands over our lives, and those we love.

What if the next thing to do might seem small and irrelevant? What if the next thing might simply be to wash that dish?

woman at sink washing a dish


I don’t have the answers. But I know the God who does. And for now, as we are scrambling for the next thing to do, for the next project to start, which are all good things and can and should be done in all this time that we have, may I invite you to come to His feet now, and seek His face.

It may be in the stillness. It may be in the time you are cleaning. It may be when you wash that next dish.

Whenever that may be for you, don’t rush His voice, don’t cut His thoughts, don’t dismiss His power. Just see what He can do while you’re washing that next dish.

Let this be our prayer

‘Father God, I pray in these times, that I come before you each day, to fully be in your presence, to seek Your face, and Your hands in all that I do. May I be sensitive to feel your Holy Spirit, may I lean in deep, to hear the running waters though these dry times. Amen.’

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Other resources?

Here is a blog post I wrote about BUSY. It makes a great read now that we have all this time on our hands. Read more here.

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Mon xx