What’s holding you back?

Have you had the urge to start something new, or move in a certain direction only then to very quickly realise that that was a crazy idea?

Maybe you are a high achieving corporate worker, or an ambitious working mum, but you also have this dream of making a change. You wake up in the morning wondering how you could just call it quits. You try and sleep that extra five minutes hoping the outcome would be different. Or maybe you feel the uncomfortable tug in your heart to pick up that phone and call in sick. That feeling that just sits heavily on your heart.

But you get out of bed, put one foot in front of the other, take a heavy big breath and get yourself dressed. You show up to work, another day. You do whats asked of you. No one can even imagine that urge in your heart to walk away.

Today, you got up different! You feel pushed to make that decision. You feel, ‘enough’ and you decide today is the day!

You have a moment to sit by the window, to catch a glimpse of the morning light without the rush and chaos of it all.

You ask yourself.

‘Why can’t I just get going?’

‘I really can’t be that helpless?’, your thoughts are messy. It is filled with questions and self doubt.

‘What is holding me back?’

Often, the reason we feel stuck and overwhelmed with the concept of change is FEAR.

Fear visit us in those moments to remind us that we are not good enough, and we simply won’t be able to make a change.

Fear will remind us that others have already gone before us and doing it well. So why bother?

Fear will remind us that people will judge us. Fear will hold us captive in that place because the fear of judgement is gripping, and our egos simply cannot be bruised.

Fear will also remind us that failure is only around the corner; and to avoid that pain of failing, we ought to just not even go there.

Before you do anything, ask yourself this. ‘What is holding me back?’

That job you are thinking of leaving.

That business you are thinking of starting.

That dance class you were thinking of joining.

That other mum you were thinking of inviting over for coffee.

That lady you spoke to last week for whom you are feeling the nudge to pray for.

Whatever that thing is that you feel compelled to do? Take action.

Hold fast and strong to your WHY and hold onto the joy you feel from the thought of making a change. We are not slaves to fear! His word tells us that we are given the spirit of boldness, not of meekness. So lean on His word, and fight  fear with faith. Go forward with the fear of the Lord, not the spirit of fear.

Fight fear with faith.


with love, Monica xx

Monica is a mother of two, a wife, a doctor and a life coach who is passionate about seeing women in meaningful community with one another, pursuing God and the purpose he’s instilled in them. 

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